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Due to her health and her finances, Robin depends mightily on IndyGo. She has found the cost of purchasing and maintaining a car very difficult on a limited income. She normally takes bus 31 to her job at the AMC Indianapolis 17 Movie Theatre at Sunman Plaza. But the bus is infrequent—and even more infrequent on the weekends when she is especially needed at work. With cerebral palsy and autism, she is especially sensitive to even slight changes or interruptions in schedule. When possible, she utilizes the IndyGo Open Door program, a paratransit service for people with disabilities. Due to limited resources however, the service requires 3 days’ advance notice to schedule and sometimes that isn’t feasible.

While at work Robin spends 8 hours on her feet, which is especially challenging due to her cerebral palsy. The end of the day then finds her back at the bus stop, still on her feet as she waits for what feels like an interminable time for the bus to arrive.

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