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Ebony is an advocate for transit and thinks you should be, too. A 28 year old who lives on the old northside, she has used transit since high school. Three years ago Ebony lost her license due to unpaid parking tickets. She decided to get creative! Since then she has relied upon the bus to be her primary transportation to and from work and she uses a mixture of Uber and taxis to make trips to other parts of town.

Ebony is eager to change the public’s perception of what a transit rider looks like. Even though she would now be able to drive, Ebony prefers the bus. It’s more cost effective while still giving her the freedom to come and go as she needs. She does have to plan in advance to meet up with friends or to attend a lunch meeting.

Ebony is committed to being a lifetime user of transit but looks forward to the day that transit is as commonplace a mode of transportation in Indy as it is in New York or Chicago. She is eager to see the Marion County Transit Plan enacted, especially because of the extended service hours!

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