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At the Monday, Feburary 27 Indianapolis/Marion County City-County Council meeting, the council voted to enact the 0.25% transit tax! This is a significant milestone toward putting better transit service on the streets in Marion County.

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Mass transit helps people get to work, school, healthcare, and other vital places.  By connecting workers and employers, transit strengthens our economy.  Older residents, people with disabilities, and families without cars gain opportunities and independence.  Everyone wins with a more convenient, competitive city – improving mass transit raises the whole community’s quality of life.

The Marion County Transit Plan allows IndyGo to deliver frequent, all-day service to more residents, businesses and neighborhoods, cutting wait and travel times and adding new rapid transit lines over the next five years.

The plan makes Indy a top contender for new investment, jobs, visitors and events against other major metro areas. Indianapolis is a world-class city – we deserve a better transit system.  

On November 8 2016, nearly 60 percent of voters in Marion County voted 'yes' to approve a local income tax increase to create a dedicated funding source and fully fund the Marion County Transit Plan. 

Transit Matters.

“AARP Indiana works statewide to ensure that our 840,000 members are able to successfully age in place.  It’s critical that we work to build livable communities for Hoosiers 50+.  AARP Indiana stands with local businesses, faith leaders, and community advocates in supporting better, more accessible public transportation.  Mass transit is just one piece to the puzzle here in Indianapolis for individuals who seek alternative options for daily activities that do not require driving a car.  Reliable bus service means that your friends and neighbors can get to their jobs, that your parents and grandparents can get to doctor’s appointments and the grocery store, and that members of the community can access shopping centers and businesses.  A better connected Indianapolis that serves all is essential to building a livable community.”

AARP Indiana

Sarah Waddle, State Director

“Efficient, successful public transit provides substantial environmental benefits, reducing motor vehicle pollution, moving more people with less energy, and making walkable, mixed use neighborhoods more attractive.  For these reasons the Hoosier Environmental Council strongly supports the Marion County Transit referendum.” 

Hoosier Environmental Council

Tim Maloney, Senior Policy Director

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