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Alice is a good planner. Both her personal and professional lives depend on it. She never learned to drive and relies on IndyGo for all of her traveling needs. Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, a trip to the grocery store, or taking her grandkids to dinner and the park, she says it’s all a matter of planning in advance.

Since 1994, Alice has worked at Eskenazi Health as a patient scheduler. To arrive at work by 7am, she gets on the bus at 38th and Sherman at 5:50am.  Once at her desk, Alice works with many patients to schedule their appointments around the bus schedule.

Alice shared that she would love to see the Marion County Transit Plan implemented. Once the Purple Line is built, she'll be able to pick up the bus every ten minutes and get downtown much faster. She won't have to spend so much effort scheduling outside of work. At Eskanazi, she interacts with too many young mothers and fathers who would like to take one of the jobs they know are open, but can’t get there without the help of the public transportation—a system with routes that are infrequent and inconsistent.

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