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Katherine is an avid transit supporter. When she moved back to Indianapolis after living overseas after college, she decided against buying a car, preferring to ride her bike and use the bus. Even after she became a mother, Katherine remained committed to using the bus as much as possible. As her family grew, she found it increasingly hard to manage three children on a bus that stops as often as those on her route do. But the most concerning part was standing on the side of the road with three children, waiting to board the bus — and it was even more challenging in bad weather.

Katherine has finally given in and bought a car, but she is excited about the changes coming with the Bus Rapid Transit line. It solves a lot of the inefficiencies that made riding the bus such a challenge: shorter wait times for the arrival of the bus; easier to board the bus with the new, level platform; and less stops along the way.


Katherine wants her daughters to be independent, as she was able to be as a girl growing up in Indianapolis. Among the many benefits of transit, Katherine finds transit provides a level of independence for her eldest daughter who cannot yet drive but is old enough to care for herself. Public transit allows her and her daughters to experience the city so much better than they would in a cab or a rental car. And using the bus regularly exposes her girls to other cultures and diverse people groups, which she believes is critical for raising well-rounded children.

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